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  1. Scooter Scene In Malaysia (Naza/Cpi-GTR)

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  2. Scooter Scene In Malaysia (Naza/Cpi-GTR)

    thanks frenz!!!!
  3. Scooter Scene In Malaysia (Naza/Cpi-GTR)

    thanks srdjan_sf2!!!! heheh...now i know...
  4. Scooter Scene In Malaysia (Naza/Cpi-GTR)

    thanks... Im really appreciate it!!!! guys!!! actually where am i rite now???? hehehe...i mean which country?? Russia? Or other??
  5. Scooter Scene In Malaysia (Naza/Cpi-GTR)

    Hi All!!! Nice to know u all... Anyway me n chroes is from same country!!! Malaysia.... Hope we can join u all with this awesome forum!!!!