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Vespa 946-Quarantasei

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Vespa je predstavila novi model Vespa Quarantasei "946" koji ima futuristicki dizajn ,ali su tezili da ostanu retro linije..dostupne u bojama:Metalik plava,Metalik Siva (samo te dve kod nas) i jos Crna i Bela..


sto se moze primetiti je to da je obogacen je Lcd cajgerom,Leader agregatom od 125ccm ali sa 3 ventila,12" tockovi (koji su radjeni na prve modele vespe) napred i pozadi disk kocnice,vazdusno hladjen,u nastavku imaju specifikacije ,slika agregata koje su na Engleskom jeziku...postoji kod nas u prodaji koja naravno nije bas svakom pristupacna...

CENA: 952.000 RSD
Cena je sa ukljucenim PDV-om i kod nas je dostupna u Metalik plavoj i sivoj boji...















I evo teksa sa predstavljanjem i specifikacijama na Engleskom,sa stranog sajta:

Vespa 946 Stylish Futuristic And Elegant
Vespa 946 is inseparable from its unique design, stylish and creative. Vespa is now trying transformed into a futuristic vehicle for the new generation. But still maintain the tradition and innovation in each vehicle. Pontedera Style Centre into a new generation of Vespa embryo will mixed.


 Vespa 946, Vespa that the latest generation of the proven several combined elements retained. Vespa is an original idea, which was adopted monocoque system solutions.
Vespa famous for its body structure made ​​entirely of metal. But the new generation of Vespa, for the first time in the history of Vespa, is composed of aluminum alloySo that adds to the uniqueness that brought Vespa 946. Coupled with a combination of stylish design and elegant.
Vespa 946 has a modern engine specifications are extreme, with the future of machine design, characterized by fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.
The engine is composed of a cylinder with a capacity of 125 cc 4 stroke, water cooled with electric injection technology representation of the Piaggio Group. Merger between art technology with modern scooter engine.
Vespa 946 has a powerful performance. The engine is capable of producing power of 8.5 kW at 8,250 rpm. As well as peak torque reaches 10.7 Nm at 6500 rpm rotation.

Unlike the Vespa 946 3V were able to spend 7.1 per cent more power and torque peak rose 10.3 percent, when compared to standard 946 Vespa. This is because innovation carries Vespa 946 3V 3-valve timing system.
Vespa 946 Technical Details:

Tradition and Innovation: The body is made of sheet steel with aluminum material; handlebar, saddle supports, side panels, front mudguard.
System Security: ABS braking system, electronic traction control ASR. Size 12-inch wheels with dual disc brakes.
Ecology and Economics: Engine 125 cc 3-V, electronic injection, fuel consumption and emission reduction.
Technology and Style: LED headlight and indicators, full LCD dashboard.





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Za ljubitelje vespi je ovo sigurno nesto za pozeleti :D 

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